Almost all the items used in Darkenrose Jewellery products are lead- and nickel-free.  A vast majority of the brass stampings that we use are plated professionally in the US and are certified free from those metals.  As far as we are aware, all the other plated materials (usually plated zinc alloy or iron) are also free from lead and nickel.  Earwires are usually plated brass or plated zinc alloy, although sterling silver earwires are available for a small additional charge.

Animal Products

Most Darkenrose Jewellery pieces do not use any animal products.  The exceptions are:  jewellery that uses freshwater pearls, elytra (jewel beetle wings, discarded naturally) or peacock feathers (naturally discarded).  All of these materials will be specified as being used in the description. If you would like an alternative to any of these components, in most cases this won’t be a problem (e.g. glass pearls or crystal instead of natural freshwater pearls) – please contact me to discuss customisation.

Delivery Times

During normal times of year, Royal Mail aim to deliver first class UK mail within 1-2 days of posting; EU mail within 3-5 days of posting and mail to the rest of the world within 5-7 days of posting (all are working days).  In practice, deliveries to parts of the EU and the rest of the world can take up to three weeks under normal conditions.  Please be prepared for international delivery times if you order from outside the UK.

During peak times, such as Christmas, it can take up to a week for domestic First Class mail and up to three weeks or sometimes even longer for international mail to be delivered.  We recommend placing orders by November 30th at the latest for international mail and 17th December at the latest for domestic mail.


Occasionally, we run promotional discounts .  If you have a discount voucher, then simply enter the code at checkout (in the Etsy shop) and the discount will be applied automatically to your order.

Also, look out for sales where the entire range is discounted.


All items come gift-boxed, in a rigid black card box filled with protective wadding (rigid plastic ring box for rings) and tied with metallic, brocade or satin ribbons – pretty enough to be given directly as a gift, or simply enjoyed yourself!

The outer packaging is a bubble envelope.  Please note – often, these will be re-used, although the gift box inside is new.  I get a lot of padded/bubble envelopes in the course of buying stock, and always reuse such packaging if I can.  Please don’t be put off if the envelope isn’t new!  It’s such a shame to waste them.






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