Customisation and Custom Orders

Customisation and Custom Orders

I’m always interested in making any custom orders, or in adapting, adjusting or customising pieces that I already have on sale.

I have a large range of jewellery components in stock, but in most cases I don’t stock large quantities of any individual piece, and I can’t always guarantee that I’ll be able to get more stock of any particular component. A lot of the jewellery that I make uses stampings taken from original tooling from the 1880s onwards, which are produced nowadays by specialist manufacturers in the US. There are literally thousands of these designs and not all pieces are in production at all times, so something that I may have in stock from a buying spree a year or two ago may be all but impossible to get hold of again now.
(However, alternatives can usually be found.)


Lengths of chain on necklaces, pendants and bracelets, and types of fastening, can all be altered for no extra charge.  Please make sure that you contact me when you place the order to tell me what length you would like.

Beads, drops and jewels on items or in chain can be swapped out for alternatives if there’s something you’d prefer.  For more elaborate changes such as making the piece with different colourwork, a new custom order would be more appropriate.

Most earrings are sold with plated earwires for pierced ears.  If you would like these changed to sterling silver earwires (50p extra charge) or screw/clip fittings for unpierced ears (no extra charge) then please contact me when placing the order.


If there is an existing piece of jewellery in the shop that you would like in a different colour, please contact me.  I can’t guarantee that I will be able to create the colouring that you want, but if it’s possible, I’ll do my best.

Older designs in the gallery may or may not still be available as a custom order – please contact me for details and a quote.

I am also happy to undertake custom work based on your own suggestions.  Please supply as many details as possible regarding what you’d like when you leave your message, and I’ll get back to you and let you know what’s possible.

All custom order work is subject to availability and requires a 50% deposit paid on acceptance of order, either via PayPal or via bank transfer (bank transfer is UK only).


I will consider any requests for wholesale/multiple orders, but please bear in mind that some of these designs are very labour-intensive and that there’s no quick way of making them – I don’t have any assistants, I make everything myself – and that prices usually won’t drop drastically even for “wholesale” orders as I already try to give my customers the best deal I can.

Thank you.

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