Token Scheme

Claim an exclusive piece of jewellery, absolutely free!




Simply collect four differently numbered tokens and return them to us to be able to claim one of four exclusive Darkenrose Jewellery designs.  These will be pieces that will not be offered for sale on this or any other website or via any other venue, and will not be able to be ordered as a custom design.  The only way of getting these pieces is via the token scheme.



  • There are four different tokens, each of which will be issued in a different month on a rolling basis.  One token will be issued with each order.
  • Token 1 will be issued for purchases in January, May and September.
  • Token 2 will be issued for purchases in February, June and October.
  • Token 3 will be issued for purchases in March, July and November.
  • Token 4 will be issued for purchases in April, August and December.

When you have your four tokens, submit them either:

  • via mail to: Darkenrose Jewellery, 152 Long Lane, Liverpool, L19 6PQ, U.K.  Enclose the four tokens, your name, address and email details, and your choice of exclusive piece of jewellery from the ones offered.
  • via email to  If you choose this option, firstly fold the left side of the tokens so that part of the white back of the token is visible from the front, taking care not to obscure the number.  Write the date of submission on the exposed white surfaces and take a photograph of the dated tokens, then email the photograph along with your name, address and choice of exclusive piece of jewellery from the ones offered.

There will be no charge for the free item and no shipping costs to pay.  Free does mean absolutely free!



There are four designs to choose from.  The choices are:

Amyra Ring         Tyria Brooch

  • Ring – antique golden plated brass filigree in a Victorian design, on a filigree plated copper shank, and set with a sapphire Swarovski jewel.
  • Brooch – antique golden plated brass lozenge design with ornate backing and fleur de lis, set with Swarovski purple velvet crystals and finished with a Czech glass metallic purple drop.
  • Necklace – ornate antique silver plated brass design set with vintage Swarovski zairit crystals, iridescent glass jewels and finished with a purple-green peacock dyed freshwater pearl drop.
  • Earrings – darkened silverplated fan design, with a matched pair of Victorian fairies, embellished with tiny peridot green rhinestones and Swarovski crystal.

Zaria Pendant         Fae Earrings

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